MONDATO SUMMIT EUROPE | Mobile Finance and Commerce: Of Trailblazers and Titans

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Mobile technology has profoundly changed the traditional financial services industry, with mobile financial and commerce (MFC) transforming the way that consumers and businesses lend, manage and spend money. Amid this rapidly-growing ecosystem, the roles of legacy institutions are shifting and new players are emerging, with the specific role of each stakeholder yet to be clearly defined.

As incumbents and entrants alike attempt to navigate the still uncharted waters of MFC, they must determine whether the industry is undergoing a natural evolution spurred by the rise of new technologies or, rather, if the industry is facing a consumer-driven revolution that will change the very nature of financial services.

The answer to this question will shape the future of MFS, and ensure that core stakeholders are able to develop potent and sustainable business models that can both adapt to changing trends and add value for consumers. Will the most effective MFS solutions be those that simply integrate mobile on top of existing financial services ‘rails,’ or those that completely disrupt the status quo?