Mondato Presents at PLUS-Forum in Russia


June 6, 2013 – Moscow, Russia – Mondato, a premier management consultancy specializing in mobile financial services, attended and presented at the 4th International PLUS-Forum Cards and Payments 2013 in Moscow, Russian last week.  PLUS-Forum is one of the largest and most important payment conferences in Russia, attracting C-level market participants, regulators and experts across the region.  With over 1,000 delegates from over 26 countries, the event enables the creation of new models of future payment services through cross-sector collaboration.

Diana Bocheva, Business Development Consultant at Mondato, presented “The Challenges of MFS,” where she highlighted the three main challenges of the Mobile Financial Services (MFS) industry: low customer adoption, unproven business models and difficult market entry.  These topics were discussed among a panel of executives and experts from government agencies and key payment enterprises like MPOWA and GSMA.

The conference represented an important opportunity for Mondato to share their expertise in the industry and probe innovative conversations among representatives from banks, operators, retailers and government from Russia, CIS and globally.