Mondato Navigate


Mondato Navigate offers end-to-end support in developing commercially viable mobile financial services offerings, by mapping clients’ core competencies and strategic assets against the current market structure to identify and capitalize upon potential opportunities. Mondato Navigate also supports merchants in the selection and deployment of MFS offerings to minimize cost and maximize profits.

The mobile financial services ecosystem is fragmented and chaotic, with unproven business models across markets creating a complex challenge for new entrants. In this context, service providers seek new profit drivers, while merchants are looking for more effective ways to collect and disperse payments.

Mondato Navigate helps companies make sense of MFS. As part of this solution, Mondato will:

  • Analyze the MFS ecosystem in order to identify potential opportunities and threats;
  • Design and implement a roadmap to capitalize on growth opportunities and mitigate threats; and,
  • Assess clients’ value proposition in order to refine commercial strategy.