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Card Still Present?

The delivery of financial services via the mobile channel has opened the doors of financial inclusion to those
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Southeast Asia: A Region of Extremes And Opportunities

Urbanization, digitization and globalization are the three forces whose convergence will shape the 21st-century economy. Consequently, Southeast Asia
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The Missing Link For Merchants In Mobile Money

In MFS, moving mobile money beyond P2P transfers remains both the Holy Grail and the “chicken-and-egg” conundrum. P2P
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Paym: Why UK customers are unlikely to be "Venmo-ing" any time soon

Unlike in the United States, where despite considerable consolidation over the past 25 years there still remain over
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Is Brazil the country of the future for mobile money?

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has long been seen as a market ripe for the development of
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What does the Alibaba IPO mean for MFS in China?

Even for those who normally pay little attention to the world of e-commerce or m-payments, it would have
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Should Coin Be On Your Holiday Wish List?

Innovative mobile commerce solutions are emerging at a rapid pace, but the most buzzed-about payments innovation this holiday
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Google & Apple: Final Nails in the NFC Coffin?

Formerly the poster child of next generation mobile commerce, near-field communication (NFC) technology has fallen from grace. Product
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