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Sesame Credit: Back Door To A Dystopian Future?

Although it has been around for a few years, in the past few months Alibaba's Sesame Credit has
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Do Bank-Led Models Stall Progress?

Although the dichotomy of bank-led and mobile network operator-led (henceforth referred to as MNO-led) mobile money regulatory approaches
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Crowdfunding: MSMEs' Golden Ticket?

Those invested in the plight of Micro, Small and Middle Enterprises (MSMEs), especially ones settled in emerging markets,
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Mondato Summit Asia 2017: Emerging Asia’s DFC Moment

Fast growing Yangon was host of the fourth annual Mondato Summit Asia on November 28-29, 2017, focusing on
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Stacking The Deck In India's Favor

Over the past several years, Mondato Insight has repeatedly turned its attention to Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC)
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Is OTC a Trojan Horse or an Elephant Trap?

In some emerging Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) markets, particularly in South Asia, the vast majority of Digital
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Move Over Techies, Farmers Are the New (and Old) Frontier

Technological innovation is disrupting agricultural value and supply chains, no matter whether in relation to pre-cultivation, cultivation and
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(In)Accessible Nepal

Nepal, with its Himalayan peaks and Buddhist monks, is a remote and inaccessible country, with an underdeveloped financial
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