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The End Of Mobile Money Agent Networks As We Know Them

Walk around Nairobi, and you’ll notice the streets are dotted with green. M-Pesa outlets and agents populate
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Africa’s VC Boom: An Enabling Present or a Bet On The Future?

With African tech startups expected to receive a record-breaking amount [https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/05/study-shows-virtual-capital-for-african-startups-is-steeply-increasing/
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Zimbabwe's Cash Crunch: Boom Time for MNOs

When historians assess the legacy of Zimbabwe's recently ousted president, Robert Mugabe, they will have plenty
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PAYG Solar Energy: Promoting Power & Mobile Money Across Africa

In recent Mondato Insights, we have discussed a series of digital finance & commerce (DFC) use cases such
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A New Kind of Egyptian Revolution

Egypt. Revolution. A two word combination that the international media has become familiar with since the surging of
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Can an MNO Build Its Own Ecosystem?

It rarely makes headlines when mobile money is under discussion, but Zimbabwe has one of the most developed
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The Secret Sauce for Success in MFS?

A great deal has been written about what factors are important in generating scale in a mobile money
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When Incentives Don't Align

“How Afghanistan Is on the Leading Edge of a Tech Revolution” thundered Time magazine in the Spring of
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Mondato Summit Africa: Day 2 Round-up

See here [http://mondato.com/blog/mondato-summit-africa/] for the full Storify of both days of the Mondato Summit
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The New Frontiers of Digital Finance Plus

Innovation looks very different depending on where you are in the world. In the United States, now when
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Using M-Pesa “Rails” To Enhance Healthcare Access

Of the three billion people who live on less than the equivalent of $2 per day, one billion
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