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The Youth In Emerging Markets: A Segment At Risk

As international agencies and governments respond to the health and economic shocks of COVID-19 crisis, special consideration should
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Kids: Does Digital Abstract Money For the Worse?

A grand behavioral economics experiment is underway on kids. Since commercial exchange began, children have learned the nature
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Proof Of Address: The Invasive Species Of KYC

Today, proof of address is a requirement for accessing formal financial institutions in most places. For customers in
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Are Biometrics The Keys That Unlock Digital Finance's Potential?

In a world where increasingly information is currency and "data is the new oil", ownership of
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The Refugee Crisis: Where Aid, Fintech and Biometrics Intersect

Not too long ago, beleaguered and destitute, refugees settled for proximate camp or municipality compounds that offered some
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Password, PIN, or Print?

How many passwords do you need to remember on a daily basis? Do you find yourself having to
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Best of CARTES 2013: Biggest Trends + Innovative Products

Security was one of the main themes resonating at last week’s CARTES event, an exhibition focused on
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Beyond NFC: The Next Generation of M-Payment Technology

From Google Wallet to the recently-launched Isis, Near Field Communications (NFC) has emerged as a choice technology to
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