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Psychometrics: What Makes A Reliable Borrower?

With various forms of data proving insufficient or invasive (or both), the quest for privacy-protective — yet repayment-predictive — data
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Venture Philanthropy: Data for Good?

On the heels of the dot-com bubble, the intersection of private and public interests (and capital) resulted in
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Synthetic Data Will Transform Fintech AI As We Know It

Synthetic data is everywhere, fueling viral innovations splashed across the Internet — yet few have even heard of it.
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Can Africa Leapfrog Towards Open Banking?

Open banking is seen in some circles as the next great leap forward in digital finance. By allowing
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Without A Trace: The Risks And Rewards Of Privacy Post-COVID

As financial services have gone digital over the years, each step forward has required three things: affordability, access,
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Data Sovereignty: Threading The Regulatory Needle

Every move we make in cyberspace leaves a digital footprint. The emerging area of Data Sovereignty asks: in
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Money20/20: You Say You Want A Revolution?

As the figurative curtains began to close on Money20/20 in Las Vegas this past Wednesday, and exhibitors
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Data Localization: Consumer Protection Or Power Grab?

Over the past twelve months, through a combination of regulatory intervention (think GDPR) and private company snafus (think
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Mondato Summit Africa 2018: Demystifying Data

This week Mondato reported live from Johannesburg, South Africa for the fifth annual Mondato Summit Africa, the region’
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Data Protection In Europe: GDPR Looms

Target, Sony, Yahoo, Equifax, Uber. The names read like a rogues' gallery of big companies that have
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What To Do When A Credit Agency Equifax Up?

If you led a major American company in an industry that believed itself to be largely immune from
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