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Israel: Can Sentiment Alter A Tech Sector’s Trajectory?

With the “Start-up Nation” brand and all, Israel punches far above its weight when it comes to tech.
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Where Refugee Fintech Falls Short

Efforts to provide financial solutions to displaced populations have seen some progress, particularly in stable contexts where business
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ChatGPT: The Challenges And Opportunities Coming To Financial Services

It’s been decades since algorithmic trading transformed Wall Street with its high-frequency trading and years since the
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The Hurdles of Financing Africa’s Cross-Border Logistics Industry

The cross-border logistics industry in Africa, currently estimated to be about $150 billion [https://internationalfinance.com/technology-uptake-drives-african-logistics-innovation/] , has
Author image Arielle Jaffe

Cloud And FinTech: Security Gaps Emerge

The adoption and use of cloud services is gaining traction among financial institutions as they gain confidence in
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Out Of The Shadows: How B2Bs Are Reaching Informal Sectors

The informal economy is a dynamic yet inefficient ecosystem consisting of laborers, small businesses and gig workers, comprising
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Does Crypto Hype In Latin America Exceed, Meet — Or Make — Reality?

How one views the advent of cryptocurrencies in Latin America can be a Rorschach test for how one
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Africa’s VC Boom: An Enabling Present or a Bet On The Future?

With African tech startups expected to receive a record-breaking amount [https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/05/study-shows-virtual-capital-for-african-startups-is-steeply-increasing/
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Is Covid the “Big Bang” of Digital Payments?

As we enter the second year of the Covid pandemic, headlines are still dominated by the global transition
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