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Fintech 2022: A Retrospective And A Preview

In 2021, as the world experienced its second year of the COVID pandemic — and the rapid acceleration of
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From Mobile Money Powerhouse to Super App: The Case of M-Pesa

After much fanfare, Safaricom launched its M-Pesa super app in Kenya in June 2021, following in the footsteps
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Africa’s VC Boom: An Enabling Present or a Bet On The Future?

With African tech startups expected to receive a record-breaking amount [https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/05/study-shows-virtual-capital-for-african-startups-is-steeply-increasing/
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Has Ethiopia's Digital Finance Moment Finally Come?

May has marked some exciting milestones for Ethiopia and its digital ecosystem, which has piqued the interest of
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Emerging Market BNPL: An Opportunity for Growth and Inclusion

As retailers continue to explore ways to incentivize customers to purchase more online, and as fintech providers look
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Beyond the Last Mile: Reconsidering “Rurality”

For far too long, the imaginary divide between rural and urban has proven more of a hindrance than
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Minding the DFS Gender Gap: Battling Social Norms to Level the Playing Field

Last week, Mondato hosted a webinar focused on the digital financial services (DFS) gender gap, as part of
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EdTech Takes Over: COVID-19 Spurs a Digital Transformation of Education

As the pandemic forced school shutdowns around the world, digital solutions entered centerstage to support a sudden shift
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Mini-Grids: Powerful Partners For Financial Inclusion

With new year fanfare subsiding, the long march towards achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals has
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Beyond The Binaries: Mobile Money Access Revisited

Earlier this year, Mondato explored the insights emerging from the Global Findex data-set on financial inclusion, highlighting the
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Satellites: Remote Sensing Is For Remote Customers

From the moment the French balloonist Nadar took aerial photographs of Paris in the mid 19th century, serving
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Do 'Cash Machines' Have A Future Without Cash?

If we ever, indeed, do arrive at a global cashless future, historians may some day trace its birth
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