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The Acronym Overload

'Technology-speak' has long existed outside the vernacular of the average Joe. As technology continues to wiggle into every
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How Do You Say "Mobile Payments' World Leader" in Chinese?

Much like Frank Sinatra, China has a well-deserved reputation for doing things its own way. So much so,
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Wallet Wars

In the world of mobile wallets, the competing offerings of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay almost
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How Best to Keep Afloat

It has long been recognized that one of the main challenges to deploying and scaling a successful mobile
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Colombia: Building a Digital Ecosystem Through Public Private Partnership

Haga clic aquí para leer en español. For much of its recent history, Colombia often has made the
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48 Hours with No Cash and No Plastic

Day One It’s 5:10. I am exactly one alarm snooze behind schedule, but still should be
Author image Chris Connolly

Is MFS in Africa Reaching Maturity?

In a Mondato Insight last summer, we discussed the problems associated with encouraging recycling of funds within a
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Mondato Summit Asia: The Highlights

Find out what were the quotable quotes and the insights you missed at Mondato Summit Asia 2014. (Scroll
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There was something in the air at CARTES 2014

For the best part of three decades, CARTES has been a staple of the payments industry calendar, and
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Under The Hood of Apple Pay

This Monday past saw the deployment in the US of Apple’s much-hyped mobile payment product, Apple Pay,
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eBay Minus PayPal Equals PayPal Squared?

The world of payments and e-commerce is getting exciting. Back in May, Mondato Insight had a look at
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Taking the Mobile Out of Mobile Money

In developed economies the mobile money ecosystem looks rather different from that of emerging markets, where MNOs are
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WhatsApp Versus Viber: The Payments Battle of the Future?

When earlier this year Facebook purchased the messaging service app WhatsApp for USD $19 billion, some questioned the
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Card Still Present?

The delivery of financial services via the mobile channel has opened the doors of financial inclusion to those
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Southeast Asia: A Region of Extremes And Opportunities

Urbanization, digitization and globalization are the three forces whose convergence will shape the 21st-century economy. Consequently, Southeast Asia
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The Missing Link For Merchants In Mobile Money

In MFS, moving mobile money beyond P2P transfers remains both the Holy Grail and the “chicken-and-egg” conundrum. P2P
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