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Regulation: Time to Ask for Permission And Not Forgiveness

The common saying “ask for forgiveness and not permission” has never been more contentious than it is in
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Remittances: Still Strong, Still Evolving

Last month, the World Bank issued some dire predictions about the remittance market crashing. But as the post-COVID
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Digital Literacy: To Read And Write In Mobile

Mobile money technology allows people to receive, send, store, and spend money directly from their cell phones. There
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Ethiopia: Time To Do Or Die?

Ethiopia just might be the sleeping fintech giant of East Africa. Aside from being home to a population
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Culturalization: A Market Entry Deal-Breaker?

eBay anticipated its arrival in China to be like a marauding dragon in the sky. It was 2003,
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Financial Inclusion: Chutes And Ladders?

Financial inclusion at the base of the economic pyramid has often been conceptualized as a sort of ladder
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Can Insurtech Learn Best Practices For Selling To The BOP?

One year ago, Mondato Insight examined the factors behind low-take up of insurance products for low income customers,
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Cashless Transportation: Kenya And Rwanda As Case Studies

By most measures, Kenya is a shining model of financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. As the home of
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Ethereum, The Three Ps And Blockchain’s Future

Whether you believe in Bitcoin or not, the blockchain technology it’s premised on is generating buzz across
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MENA: A Digital Finance Desert Or Oasis?

There tends to be a great deal of reductionism when conversation turns to the Middle East and North
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Digital Adoption: The Black Swan Theory

Until the 17th century, the term “black swan” was used to describe something that didn’t exist -
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Global Findex 2017: West Africa Steps Into The Spotlight

When the World Bank's 2014 Global Findex numbers were published, the banner headline figures announced a
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The Mobile Money Adoption Curve: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Following the success of M-PESA in Kenya, hype has surrounded the opportunity and potential growth of mobile money
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Three Ways to Become an mCommerce Disruptor

“The most used mobile payment device is still the plastic card” -Bank of America, Aditya Bhasin Mobile is
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