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Gen AI In Emerging Markets: Is The Hype Warranted?

In an otherwise difficult funding environment, slapping “AI’ onto any product or service has become shorthand for “we’
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Three Fintech Trends From 2023 — And How They May Look In 2024

In 2023, the dichotomy between success and failure in the fintech world never felt more stark. Emerging technologies
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ChatGPT: The Challenges And Opportunities Coming To Financial Services

It’s been decades since algorithmic trading transformed Wall Street with its high-frequency trading and years since the
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The Disabled Face AI-Driven Exclusion — Despite Huge Market Potential

The disability community, despite possessing over $1.2 trillion [https://www.ilo.org/global/about-the-ilo/newsroom/news/WCMS_
Author image Mondato

Data, Diversify, Distribute: Emerging Optimization Models

2020 brought with it a 12.7 percent increase [https://www.gsma.com/sotir/] in the number of
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Auto Fintech: Driving the Smart Vehicle into Uncharted Territory

The rapid onset of connected autonomous, shared and electric vehicles is ushering a new digital age in the
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EdTech Takes Over: COVID-19 Spurs a Digital Transformation of Education

As the pandemic forced school shutdowns around the world, digital solutions entered centerstage to support a sudden shift
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Innovations in Insurtech: Observing Fintech’s Path While Forging Its Own

Insurtech is sometimes the forgotten child of the fintech revolution. Facing stiff regulations borne of an obsolete era,
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: An Opportunity For Africa

With the world economy at a standstill, African nations are literally holding their breaths. The loss of life
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Shifting Sands: The New Digital Labor Landscape

The so-called “fourth industrial revolution” is here. It comprises new technological advancements and increasingly global supply chains, which
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Voice + A.I. = Frictionless Payments?

Computers that we talk to, and which talk back to us, have always tickled the imaginations of science
Author image Mondato

Money20/20: What Woz, and What Shall Be

If there is a monetary equivalent to the ever-elusive physics “Theory of Everything,” whereby one could conjure a
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