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The Mobile Money Adoption Curve: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Following the success of M-PESA in Kenya, hype has surrounded the opportunity and potential growth of mobile money
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A New Kind of Egyptian Revolution

Egypt. Revolution. A two word combination that the international media has become familiar with since the surging of
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Back to the Drawing Board?

A little over 12 months ago, Mondato commissioned a poll to test consumer attitudes towards Apple Pay just
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The Potential Pitfalls of Regulatory Innovation

For the past five years or so, Ghana has ploughed a somewhat lonely furrow in the world of
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Mondato Summit Asia: The Highlights

Find out what were the quotable quotes and the insights you missed at Mondato Summit Asia 2014. (Scroll
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Telcos and the Connected Consumer

When two of Europe’s largest telcos, Orange and T-Mobile, combined their services in the UK, they decided
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eBay Minus PayPal Equals PayPal Squared?

The world of payments and e-commerce is getting exciting. Back in May, Mondato Insight had a look at
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Apple's Challenge

The launch of the iPhone 6 has set the payments world abuzz. For a while now, many in
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Paym: Why UK customers are unlikely to be "Venmo-ing" any time soon

Unlike in the United States, where despite considerable consolidation over the past 25 years there still remain over
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Should Coin Be On Your Holiday Wish List?

Innovative mobile commerce solutions are emerging at a rapid pace, but the most buzzed-about payments innovation this holiday
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Three Ways to Become an mCommerce Disruptor

“The most used mobile payment device is still the plastic card” -Bank of America, Aditya Bhasin Mobile is
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Can Social Media Spur Mobile Payments Adoption?

In the emergent tech-infused financial services ecosystem, social networking tools play an increasingly important role both in marketing
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