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The Inclusion Illusion: Financial Health in Kenya

For some, fintech’s association with financial inclusion and better financial health for users is a foregone conclusion.
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Digital Loans: A Wild Wild West?

When a disruptive new technology enters the market, it’s predictable what comes next: chaos. Without prior regulations
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Cashless Transportation: Kenya And Rwanda As Case Studies

By most measures, Kenya is a shining model of financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. As the home of
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Beyond The Binaries: Mobile Money Access Revisited

Earlier this year, Mondato explored the insights emerging from the Global Findex data-set on financial inclusion, highlighting the
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Pensions Make Perfect: Roping In The Informal Economy

As melodramatic as it may sound, the slow extinction of the joint family, a system historically favored by
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What Do We Want? Instant Payments!

When do we want them...? Instantly! What do we want? Instant payments! Why do we want them? Because
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The Winners And Losers in Mobile Money

When the GSMA released the 2016 mobile money 'State of the Industry Report' at Mobile World Congress in
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Move Over Techies, Farmers Are the New (and Old) Frontier

Technological innovation is disrupting agricultural value and supply chains, no matter whether in relation to pre-cultivation, cultivation and
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Is Interoperability Inevitable in Mobile Money?

One of the lessons taken from the massive shake-up that Apple brought to the payments world in developed
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Skin SIM Technology: A Serious Challenge For Safaricom?

A technological innovation that was developed in China nearly a decade ago but gained little traction elsewhere is
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Can mPOS Platforms Succeed In Emerging Markets?

The success of mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) offerings in the US and Europe has inspired the emergence of similar
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Using M-Pesa “Rails” To Enhance Healthcare Access

Of the three billion people who live on less than the equivalent of $2 per day, one billion
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