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Digital Distancing: The Key To Payments Reimagined

Digital payments are receiving much special attention at the moment. Firstly, officials in China and elsewhere hypothesized early
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Financial Inclusion: Chutes And Ladders?

Financial inclusion at the base of the economic pyramid has often been conceptualized as a sort of ladder
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Digital Donations: Is Cash Still Tops For Tips?

One of the fundamental purposes of money, whether it is physical cash or digital payments, is to settle
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To P2P, Or Not To P2P? Is That The Question?

Once upon a time, person-to-person (P2P) payments were, to all intents and purposes, mobile payments. Before there was
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Is Fintech Challenging the Payday Loan Industry?

If there is a sub-section of the finance industry that is less well-loved than Wall Street banks, it
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Mobile Money And The Curse Of Dormant Accounts

It is a curse that has rattled formal financial service providers both big and small, from players with
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Is Paytm The New DFC Poster Child?

If you follow developments in the Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) space, you get no prize for knowing
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The Opportunity for Africa to Move Beyond P2P in MFS

Mobile financial services (MFS) consists of a wide range of offerings, from current and savings accounts and other
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P2P Payments as a Catalyst for Mass Mobile Payment Adoption

Person-to-person (P2P) payment applications have caught the media’s attention with the recent launch of Square Cash. While
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M-Banking Among Friends

Despite strides to adapt to technological advances, banks still move relatively slow. Saddled with regulatory constraints and complex
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M-Payments in the Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy

In the emergent peer-to-peer “sharing” economy, new technology has made sharing assets cheaper and easier than ever, from
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