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Mondato is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategic, commercial and operational support for the Digital Finance & Commerce (DFC) industry.

Small Scale Series: Island Hopping Across the Caribbean

Approximately 45 million people spread out over 7,000 islands, 13 independent countries, 20 territories, six official languages,
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Post-SVB: Are Emerging Markets Digital Banks’ Oasis?

As funding goes dry and rising interest rates threaten some fintechs predicated on cheap money, the recent collapse
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Japanese Fintech: Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

The world’s third-largest economy and oldest populace, Japan’s economic and financial path is unlike any other.
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Small Scale Series: Tiny Markets in West Africa

When it comes to fintech, scale sells. Any start-up seeking sustainability requires a measure of scale in a
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Regulation: Time to Ask for Permission And Not Forgiveness

The common saying “ask for forgiveness and not permission” has never been more contentious than it is in
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Israel: Can Sentiment Alter A Tech Sector’s Trajectory?

With the “Start-up Nation” brand and all, Israel punches far above its weight when it comes to tech.
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Where Refugee Fintech Falls Short

Efforts to provide financial solutions to displaced populations have seen some progress, particularly in stable contexts where business
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Are Colleges Failing At Blockchain?

Surf the internet, and you’ll find countless Twitter wars and Op-Eds about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, especially following
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Synthetic Data Will Transform Fintech AI As We Know It

Synthetic data is everywhere, fueling viral innovations splashed across the Internet — yet few have even heard of it.
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What’s Missing in Affordable Housing Financing

In places like Kenya, the idea of owning a home is still a pipe dream for many. Typically,
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Cross-Border Integration and The Future of Frictionless Finance

As 2023 gets underway, it is still not clear whether the shots of digitization induced by the pandemic
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Africa’s Social Commerce Runners: Raising The Floor, But Lowering The Ceiling?

Social commerce is making inroads across Africa, propelled by stronger cross-border trade corridors that are helping to plug
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ChatGPT: The Challenges And Opportunities Coming To Financial Services

It’s been decades since algorithmic trading transformed Wall Street with its high-frequency trading and years since the
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Is Financial Literacy the Missing Piece to African Insurtech?

In her nearly ten years running a small grocery store in Kenya, Faith Kemunto’s biggest fear has
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Fintech 2023: Looking Back To Look Forward

In the first two years of the COVID pandemic, “acceleration” was the overused buzzword for what lockdowns and
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FTX Aftershocks: Creation Through Destruction?

Weeks after FTX’s monumental collapse, the aftershocks continue as investors, regulators and companies take stock of what
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Regulation: The Secret Ingredient To Uganda’s Fintech Sauce?

The East African country of Uganda has historically played second or third fiddle to fintech giants Kenya to
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The Hurdles of Financing Africa’s Cross-Border Logistics Industry

The cross-border logistics industry in Africa, currently estimated to be about $150 billion [] , has
Author image Arielle Jaffe

Mobile Money In Zimbabwe: Shaken, But Still Standing

The popularity of mobile money in Zimbabwe is stifled by the government’s policies, high transaction fees and
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The New Rules And Norms Shaping Alternative Data 2.0

The first wave of alternative data use gave rise to powerhouse companies across key markets in the African
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Gambling And Fintech: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

Similar to cannabis [], the growing legal acceptance of gambling in the United States
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The End Of Mobile Money Agent Networks As We Know Them

Walk around Nairobi, and you’ll notice the streets are dotted with green. M-Pesa outlets and agents populate
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Brazil’s Pix: Should Instant Payment Rails Be A Public Good?

When Mondato Insight last discussed [] instant payments in Brazil in 2020, Brazil’s
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Can the ABC Model Power Digital Finance?

Against the backdrop of a widening ecosystem of energy supply technologies and business models, digital finance is seen
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