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Mondato is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategic, commercial and operational support for the Digital Finance & Commerce (DFC) industry.

Paytm: Are One Billion Credit Cards Coming To Asia?

Consumers in developed markets, particularly the U.S., love credit cards. According to Experian, 60.5 percent of
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Regulatory Sandboxes: Worthwhile In Developing Countries?

The predecessor of the regulatory sandbox first appeared in 2012, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) inaugurated
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The Last Mile: Mobile Money Agents

Mobile money agents - frequently described as the “bridges” to financial inclusion - constitute the last-mile distribution network
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Culturalization: A Market Entry Deal-Breaker?

eBay anticipated its arrival in China to be like a marauding dragon in the sky. It was 2003,
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Is Fintech's Scope Confused?

Fintech is an elusive term. As its name suggests, fintech inhabits the intersection of finance and tech, so
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Microfinance Institutions: Prospects For B2B Fintechs?

When Muhammed Yunus first crystallized the concept of microfinance in the 1970s, it was simpler times. The end-user
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Financial Inclusion: Chutes And Ladders?

Financial inclusion at the base of the economic pyramid has often been conceptualized as a sort of ladder
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Proof Of Address: The Invasive Species Of KYC

Today, proof of address is a requirement for accessing formal financial institutions in most places. For customers in
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The Academic Approach To DFC Mastery

Perhaps unbeknownst to those on the outside looking in, the digital finance and commerce (DFC) ecosystem is a
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Mondato Summit Africa 2019: Scaling DFC Innovations

Last week in Johannesburg’s picturesque Summer Place in Sandton, a group of about one hundred executives, entrepreneurs,
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Democratizing Investing: Stuck In A Rut?

Last year, Mondato Insight lamented the state of global savings - especially as it relates to pensions. If
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Fintech Funding Strategies: Series B To Unicorn

Last month, Mondato Insight surveyed the landscape of early stage fintechs vying to reach the critical Series A
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Are The Economics Of Cash Crumbling?

Since the dawn of civilization, physical currency has been the backbone of everyday commerce. But in 2019, prophesies
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Will Big Tech Dwarf Fintech?

It may seem reductive at first to dichotomize the two main camps of innovators in financial services. However,
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Amazon And Flipkart: Kiss Indian E-Commerce Goodbye?

The offline world has rarely ushered in the online world with grace. In all fairness, few welcome change
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Inclusive Fintech: Series A And Beyond

A new class of impact investment has now materialized that specifically focuses on fintech’s potential to widen
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