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Mondato is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategic, commercial and operational support for the Digital Finance & Commerce (DFC) industry.

Are Elections A Digital Litmus Test?

All governmental elections are a matrix: part theater, part palace intrigue, part instrument for change. Elections still serve
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Credit Bureaus: Resting On Their Laurels?

With the advent of alternative data, many lenders in emerging markets have side-stepped the barren vaults of Credit
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Can Insurtech Learn Best Practices For Selling To The BOP?

One year ago, Mondato Insight examined the factors behind low-take up of insurance products for low income customers,
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Gamification: Jackpot Or Fool’s Gold?

Gamification is a trendy term in some circles, a magic wand of sorts that suddenly makes finance appealing
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Argentina: The Worst Of Times

Anyone following the economic situation in Argentina is well-aware of its slow spiral. Since late 2015, the Argentine
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Mortgages: Different Stages Of Digitization

For many fintech entrants eager to capitalize on loan products, mortgages are the Moby-Dick of the lending sea.
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Access To Energy: A Good Return On Investment?

One of the ‘trendiest’ social impact investments historically targets off-grid energy products like solar lanterns, solar home systems
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Cashless Transportation: Kenya And Rwanda As Case Studies

By most measures, Kenya is a shining model of financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. As the home of
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