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Digital Distancing: The Key To Payments Reimagined

Digital payments are receiving much special attention at the moment. Firstly, officials in China and elsewhere hypothesized early
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Consolidation: The Only Path for Ecommerce?

Facebook's notorious Libra melodrama over the last few months is just one example suggesting that big
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Crowdfunding 2.0: The Membership Model

Artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and other creatives struggle every day to be equitably compensated for their labor. Quite
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Where Next For PayPal After iZettle?

PayPal was, in many senses, the very first "fintech unicorn", upon whose back Elon Musk and
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Money20/20: What Woz, and What Shall Be

If there is a monetary equivalent to the ever-elusive physics “Theory of Everything,” whereby one could conjure a
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Is Digital A Conduit For Hate Groups?

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, renewed scrutiny has fallen upon hate groups, their digital hives and their access
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Wallet Wars

In the world of mobile wallets, the competing offerings of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay almost
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eBay Minus PayPal Equals PayPal Squared?

The world of payments and e-commerce is getting exciting. Back in May, Mondato Insight had a look at
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NFC vs. BLE: The Rise of the Beacons

With NFC evidently on the decline, then what is emerging to take its place? If new product launches
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Can Digital Wallets Save Brick-And-Mortar Retail?

As shoppers increasingly migrate online, whether via their computers, smartphones or tablets, brick-and-mortar retailers must find ways to
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Mobile Money For America's Unbanked

Underbanked is usually associated with underdeveloped. But limited access to traditional banking services has also proven a challenge
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