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Sanctions And CFT: Recent Palestinian And Russian Case Studies

In a world of widening economic sanctions, de-risking efforts by banks too often leave expats and immigrants from
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Post-SVB: Are Emerging Markets Digital Banks’ Oasis?

As funding goes dry and rising interest rates threaten some fintechs predicated on cheap money, the recent collapse
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FTX Aftershocks: Creation Through Destruction?

Weeks after FTX’s monumental collapse, the aftershocks continue as investors, regulators and companies take stock of what
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Travel And Fintech: Where Challenge Meets Flush Opportunity

As travel deals with a myriad of cancellations [https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/2022-flight-cancellations-pandemic-data] this year and, until
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Is Alternative Financing Hurting Ride-Hailing Drivers?

The ride-hailing industry in Sub-Saharan Africa has formed strategic partnerships with alternative financing providers vying to serve the
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Central Bank Digital Currencies: What Are They Good For?

Two years after the Bahamas became the first country [https://www.forbes.com/sites/vipinbharathan/2020/10/21/
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Smartphones In Africa: Reaching An Inflection Point?

If Africa leapfrogged landline telephony into the mobile era, it has only shuffled towards the smartphone era. Yet
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Out Of The Shadows: How B2Bs Are Reaching Informal Sectors

The informal economy is a dynamic yet inefficient ecosystem consisting of laborers, small businesses and gig workers, comprising
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Instant Payments: A Key To Financial Inclusion?

Instant payments, or real-time payments, are the future. Instant payments have considerably accelerated during the pandemic, driven by
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Australia’s Digital Economy: On The Precipice Of Transformation?

Buoyed by industry-leading initiatives like a rails-unifying New Payments Platform [https://www.rba.gov.au/payments-and-infrastructure/new-payments-platform/], optimists
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Can Digitization Reduce Mass Migration From The Northern Triangle?

In an effort to curb the latest influx of migration to the United States from El Salvador, Guatemala
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