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Has Ethiopia's Digital Finance Moment Finally Come?

May has marked some exciting milestones for Ethiopia and its digital ecosystem, which has piqued the interest of
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PayPal’s Indian Exit and Chinese Entry: Why?

PayPal recently became the first foreign fintech to acquire a coveted domestic operations license in China, the biggest
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Is Covid the “Big Bang” of Digital Payments?

As we enter the second year of the Covid pandemic, headlines are still dominated by the global transition
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Women In Charge: A FinTech Business Case

Is the role of women in the workplace a question of corporate social responsibility, or also one of
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Climate Change: Macro And Micro Resilience

The concept of ‘resilience’ has been applied to everything from political discourse to corporate-speak, psychological wellness to development
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Mondato Summit Africa 2019: Scaling DFC Innovations

Last week in Johannesburg’s picturesque Summer Place in Sandton, a group of about one hundred executives, entrepreneurs,
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Democratizing Investing: Stuck In A Rut?

Last year, Mondato Insight lamented the state of global savings - especially as it relates to pensions. If
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Fintech Funding Strategies: Series B To Unicorn

Last month, Mondato Insight surveyed the landscape of early stage fintechs vying to reach the critical Series A
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Inclusive Fintech: Series A And Beyond

A new class of impact investment has now materialized that specifically focuses on fintech’s potential to widen
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Access To Energy: A Good Return On Investment?

One of the ‘trendiest’ social impact investments historically targets off-grid energy products like solar lanterns, solar home systems
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The Eastern European Fintech Opportunity

Although "Eastern Europe" is more of a political term than one that carries any geographical meaning,
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Is a Fintech Bubble About to Burst?

When Square raised 25 percent less capital than their target at their initial public offering (IPO) this past
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