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Digital Lending’s Self-Regulation: A Redemption Story?

For years now, digital lending in emerging markets has faced public rebuke for at times utilizing deceptive marketing
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Can Personality Predict Loan Performance?

Know Your Customer — often abbreviated as KYC — is such an important part of success in digital finance that
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Difficult Days: How Long Can Small Lenders Last?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a make-or-break moment for lenders to small and micro enterprises (SMEs) and those at
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Will COVID-19 Lead To Bigger, Better Borrowing?

Mere weeks following its arrival on the global stage, the COVID-19 epidemic has already wreaked havoc on health
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Will Banks Lead the Fintech Charge?

It’s sometimes assumed that competition in the financial services space is good for end users. If consumers
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Microfinance Institutions: Prospects For B2B Fintechs?

When Muhammed Yunus first crystallized the concept of microfinance in the 1970s, it was simpler times. The end-user
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Digital Loans: A Wild Wild West?

When a disruptive new technology enters the market, it’s predictable what comes next: chaos. Without prior regulations
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Credit Bureaus: Resting On Their Laurels?

With the advent of alternative data, many lenders in emerging markets have side-stepped the barren vaults of Credit
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Mortgages: Different Stages Of Digitization

For many fintech entrants eager to capitalize on loan products, mortgages are the Moby-Dick of the lending sea.
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Will Modern MFIs Energize Pay As You Go?

The off-grid energy industry is one of the most successful sectors serving the base of the economic pyramid
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Digital Credit Is Easy, But Is It Too Easy?

Access to credit is a key element of financial inclusion, and over the past five years has become
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Mobile Credit: The Airtime, Mobile Money Dichotomy

The delivery of mobile credit (at least when transported on the rails of mobile network operators) has been
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