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The Disabled Face AI-Driven Exclusion — Despite Huge Market Potential

The disability community, despite possessing over $1.2 trillion in annual disposable income, remains highly unbanked and underbanked
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Blockchain-Based Payments in Kenya: A Square Peg in a Round Hole?

If you were to conduct a quick Google search on how many crypto owners there are in Kenya,
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From Seed To Table: How Fintech Will Optimize Food Systems

When it comes to food security and production, financial inclusion initiatives have long recognized the benefits of access
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Does Crypto Hype In Latin America Exceed, Meet — Or Make — Reality?

How one views the advent of cryptocurrencies in Latin America can be a Rorschach test for how one
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Can Climate Fintech Lift Emerging Economies?

Climate fintech is being leveraged to help countries reach global net carbon neutrality by 2060, but its impact
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Have the Stars Finally Aligned for Middle Eastern Fintech?

The story of digital technology adoption over the last year in simplest terms is essentially the same everywhere:
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Regulatory Sandboxes: Worthwhile In Developing Countries?

The predecessor of the regulatory sandbox first appeared in 2012, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) inaugurated
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The Lion Tweets Tonight?

The rest of the world is slowly waking up to the fact that the digital revolution is not
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Mobile Mary?

In most places around the world, the direction of travel in transactions and payments is towards digitization. The
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Mobile Money and the Ebola Crisis

Although the Ebola virus that spread late last year through parts of West Africa claimed the lives of
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Colombia: Building a Digital Ecosystem Through Public Private Partnership

Haga clic aquí para leer en español. For much of its recent history, Colombia often has made the
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48 Hours with No Cash and No Plastic

Day One It’s 5:10. I am exactly one alarm snooze behind schedule, but still should be
Author image Chris Connolly

Mondato Summit Asia: The Highlights

Find out what were the quotable quotes and the insights you missed at Mondato Summit Asia 2014. (Scroll
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There was something in the air at CARTES 2014

For the best part of three decades, CARTES has been a staple of the payments industry calendar, and
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Southeast Asia: A Region of Extremes And Opportunities

Urbanization, digitization and globalization are the three forces whose convergence will shape the 21st-century economy. Consequently, Southeast Asia
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Paym: Why UK customers are unlikely to be "Venmo-ing" any time soon

Unlike in the United States, where despite considerable consolidation over the past 25 years there still remain over
Author image Mondato

Does Bitcoin Have a Future As a Currency?

Since the last Mondato Insight that looked at Bitcoin it has certainly been a bumpy ride for the
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Three Ways to Become an mCommerce Disruptor

“The most used mobile payment device is still the plastic card” -Bank of America, Aditya Bhasin Mobile is
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Remittance Titans Target The Financially Excluded

While Western Union and other remittance giants have made strides to build allegiance among immigrant populations, a legion
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FinTech Start-Ups: Can They Compete?

Maintaining the status quo is no longer enough in the financial services sector. With aging incumbents often failing
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Accelerators: The Key To Start-Up Success

There has never been a better time to be a start-up in the financial services world. While barriers
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"M" Is For Micro-Entrepreneurs

As the mobile gender divide gradually closes and women increasingly gain access to mobile phones, mobile money platforms
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