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The State of Mobile Financial Services: 2014

As you trickle back from your vacation destinations and return to strategic planning sessions, it is important to
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3 Lessons For Retailers From Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving weekend in the US is traditionally a time to indulge in multi-course feasts, spend time with friends
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Should Coin Be On Your Holiday Wish List?

Innovative mobile commerce solutions are emerging at a rapid pace, but the most buzzed-about payments innovation this holiday
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Two Unique Models for mPOS Success

Out of the still chaotic swarm of mobile point-of-sale solutions, two distinct business models are beginning to emerge
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Best of CARTES 2013: Biggest Trends + Innovative Products

Security was one of the main themes resonating at last week’s CARTES event, an exhibition focused on
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P2P Payments as a Catalyst for Mass Mobile Payment Adoption

Person-to-person (P2P) payment applications have caught the media’s attention with the recent launch of Square Cash. While
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4 Lessons for Launching E-Commerce in Emerging Markets

Launching innovative services in any market can be challenging, but there are specific considerations which must be taken
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How to Launch Successful E-Commerce Ventures in Southeast Asia & Beyond

Digital commerce is taking off rapidly in emerging markets, and Southeast Asia is at the center of the
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The Best of Money2020: Launches & Trends to Watch

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But this time we are breaking that rule to
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Three Ways to Become an mCommerce Disruptor

“The most used mobile payment device is still the plastic card” -Bank of America, Aditya Bhasin Mobile is
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NFC vs. BLE: The Rise of the Beacons

With NFC evidently on the decline, then what is emerging to take its place? If new product launches
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Google & Apple: Final Nails in the NFC Coffin?

Formerly the poster child of next generation mobile commerce, near-field communication (NFC) technology has fallen from grace. Product
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M-Banking Among Friends

Despite strides to adapt to technological advances, banks still move relatively slow. Saddled with regulatory constraints and complex
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Can Banks Survive (And Thrive) In the Digital Era?

For traditional, consumer-facing banks, adapting to fast-moving technological changes can be a matter of survival. Facing competition from
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Can Social Media Spur Mobile Payments Adoption?

In the emergent tech-infused financial services ecosystem, social networking tools play an increasingly important role both in marketing
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Facebook, Google & the Tech Takeover of Payments

With tech giants such as Facebook and Google recently launching a stream of new payments offerings, it seems
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