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Have the Stars Finally Aligned for Middle Eastern Fintech?

The story of digital technology adoption over the last year in simplest terms is essentially the same everywhere:
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Pandemic-Proof? Revisiting Remittance Rails

Succeeding in the money transfer industry is no mean feat, and requires mastering the ins and outs of
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Minding the DFS Gender Gap: Battling Social Norms to Level the Playing Field

Last week, Mondato hosted a webinar focused on the digital financial services (DFS) gender gap, as part of
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EdTech Takes Over: COVID-19 Spurs a Digital Transformation of Education

As the pandemic forced school shutdowns around the world, digital solutions entered centerstage to support a sudden shift
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Why Western Union Is Still King Of Remittances

P2P cross-border transfers - known as remittances - have long occupied a critically important role in the modern
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Shifting Sands: The New Digital Labor Landscape

The so-called “fourth industrial revolution” is here. It comprises new technological advancements and increasingly global supply chains, which
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Are Elections A Digital Litmus Test?

All governmental elections are a matrix: part theater, part palace intrigue, part instrument for change. Elections still serve
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Stacking The Deck In India's Favor

Over the past several years, Mondato Insight has repeatedly turned its attention to Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC)
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