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Brazil and India Usher In The Open Finance Era

It took a few years of discussions, proposals and frustrations for open banking to become an actual, concrete
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PayPal’s Indian Exit and Chinese Entry: Why?

PayPal recently became the first foreign fintech [https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-paypal-stake/paypal-becomes-first-foreign-firm-in-china-with-full-ownership-of-payments-business-idUSKBN29J0IC] to acquire a coveted
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Public Banking: Time To Make Room?

Agnostic of industry, the private sector is often esteemed over the public sector for its better performance in
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Payments Banks: Nigeria Takes A Page From India

Since it was rebased in 2014, Nigeria’s economy overtook South Africa’s as the largest in Africa.
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Paytm: Are One Billion Credit Cards Coming To Asia?

Consumers in developed markets, particularly the U.S., love credit cards. According to Experian, 60.5 percent of
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Democratizing Investing: Stuck In A Rut?

Last year, Mondato Insight lamented the state of global savings - especially as it relates to pensions. If
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Amazon And Flipkart: Kiss Indian E-Commerce Goodbye?

The offline world has rarely ushered in the online world with grace. In all fairness, few welcome change
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Payments Banks To UltraFICO: Targeting No Man's Land

Despite disruptive business models building momentum towards increased digitization in financial services, it is likely just a matter
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Will Modern MFIs Energize Pay As You Go?

The off-grid energy industry is one of the most successful sectors serving the base of the economic pyramid
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Do Bank-Led Models Stall Progress?

Although the dichotomy of bank-led and mobile network operator-led (henceforth referred to as MNO-led) mobile money regulatory approaches
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Mondato Summit Asia 2017: Emerging Asia’s DFC Moment

Fast growing Yangon was host of the fourth annual Mondato Summit Asia on November 28-29, 2017, focusing on
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Stacking The Deck In India's Favor

Over the past several years, Mondato Insight has repeatedly turned its attention to Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC)
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Is Your Country Ready To Go Cashless?

As Mondato Insight has often discussed in a variety of contexts, there are two fundamental requirements for any
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Does Demonetisation Work?

While the Indian government's dramatic and surprise demonetisation campaign garnered most of the headlines, India is
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The Winners And Losers in Mobile Money

When the GSMA released the 2016 mobile money 'State of the Industry Report' at Mobile World
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Is Paytm The New DFC Poster Child?

If you follow developments in the Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) space, you get no prize for knowing
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Unleashing India's Potential (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part blog post on mobile finance and commerce (MFC) in India, Mondato
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Unleashing India's Potential (Part 1)

In 2011, the last year for which the World Bank records data, just 35% of Indians over the
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Can mPOS Platforms Succeed In Emerging Markets?

The success of mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) offerings in the US and Europe has inspired the emergence of similar
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