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Do Bank-Led Models Stall Progress?

Although the dichotomy of bank-led and mobile network operator-led (henceforth referred to as MNO-led) mobile money regulatory approaches
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Mobile Money And The Curse Of Dormant Accounts

It is a curse that has rattled formal financial service providers both big and small, from players with
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Cash Is King, But Are Checks His Queen?

The prevalence of checks in the U.S. economy often surprises visitors. It may come as a shock
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The Remittance Matrix: Price, Channel And Corridor

For many, international remittances are a financial life-preserver. Transfers initiated by diaspora or migrant communities buoy up and
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Is Your Country Ready To Go Cashless?

As Mondato Insight has often discussed in a variety of contexts, there are two fundamental requirements for any
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What Do We Want? Instant Payments!

When do we want them...? Instantly! What do we want? Instant payments! Why do we want them? Because
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The Winners And Losers in Mobile Money

When the GSMA released the 2016 mobile money 'State of the Industry Report' at Mobile World Congress in
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Is Paytm The New DFC Poster Child?

If you follow developments in the Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) space, you get no prize for knowing
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Third Time's Not A Charm: M-PESA's South African Flop

When Vodacom relaunched M-PESA in South Africa two years ago, some questioned the wisdom of yet another relaunch
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The Mobile Money Adoption Curve: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Following the success of M-PESA in Kenya, hype has surrounded the opportunity and potential growth of mobile money
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Mobile Money's Secret Agent

According to the World Bank, government policies that support more opportunity and education for women promote greater economic
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Don't Worry; Be 'API

Formerly only a subject for computer geeks and digital media workers, ‘application programming interfaces’, or APIs, have lately
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Deep Dive Into Latin America

This is the second part of our two-part survey of the state of mobile finance and commerce in
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In the shadow of mobile money: international airtime remittances

In theory, international remittances would appear to be rich and fertile territory for mobile financial services. Sending money
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Mobile Money For America's Unbanked

Underbanked is usually associated with underdeveloped. But limited access to traditional banking services has also proven a challenge
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