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Better Payments, Better Apps: The Sharing Economy Wars

The so-called “sharing economy,” led by ride-sharing pioneers like Uber and home-sharing pioneers like Airbnb, has expanded to
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Will Banks Lead the Fintech Charge?

It’s sometimes assumed that competition in the financial services space is good for end users. If consumers
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Removing The Risk From Bank-Fintech Partnerships

It's a worldwide phenomenon: instead of competing in a zero-sum game with emerging fintech firms, banks are forming
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Brazil: Digital Finance at the Speed of Light

Less than a decade after the first startups began to challenge the traditional banking ecosystem in Brazil, growth
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Digital Banking in Asia: How to Regulate a Revolution

Since 2014, digital banking penetration has increased by between 1.5- and 3-fold across emerging markets in Asia.
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The Biggest Ideas at Finovate Fall 2019

If the next billion-dollar fintech was being pitched this week, it was probably happening in New York. Over
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Mortgages: Different Stages Of Digitization

For many fintech entrants eager to capitalize on loan products, mortgages are the Moby-Dick of the lending sea.
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Baking Financial Literacy Into Product Strategy

Generally speaking, financial literacy has belonged in the wheelhouse of public entities. With even the citizenry of wealthy
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Money20/20: You Say You Want A Revolution?

As the figurative curtains began to close on Money20/20 in Las Vegas this past Wednesday, and exhibitors
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Are Some Markets Immune To The X-Pays' Advance?

Apple's recent earnings call grabbed a lot of headlines, and the resulting momentum has nudged the company towards
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