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From Mobile Money Powerhouse to Super App: The Case of M-Pesa

After much fanfare, Safaricom launched its M-Pesa super app in Kenya in June 2021, following in the footsteps
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From Seed To Table: How Fintech Will Optimize Food Systems

When it comes to food security and production, financial inclusion initiatives have long recognized the benefits of access
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Rwanda: Land of 1,000 Digital Contradictions

Small, mountainous and land-locked, Rwanda’s rugged topology subtly influences all facets of life for its almost 13
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The Inclusion Illusion: Financial Health in Kenya

For some, fintech’s association with financial inclusion and better financial health for users is a foregone conclusion.
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Smartphones: The Future Of African Urban Planning?

Humanity faces the mammoth task of adding over 2 billion people to the urban population before 2050, the
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Impact Measurements: Driving Revenues In Emerging Markets?

One of the driving forces of digital finance and commerce (DFC) in emerging markets has hinged on its
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The GSMA Innovation Funds: Kick-Starting Scale

Somewhere along the way, the mobile phone came to represent the hinterlands of capacity-building in emerging economies. While
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Can Mobile Phones Drive Forward the Sustainable Development Goals?

You would have to have been in a cave for the past week to be unaware of the
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Using HCD to Make Mobile Money Relevant

Earlier in 2014, two Mondato Insights examined the role of Human Centered Design (HCD) in enhancing the user
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Mobile Money In Myanmar

Mobile money is coming to Myanmar – but can it overcome challenges?   At first glance, Myanmar appears to offer
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How Can Development Organizations Shift From Cash to Mobile Money?

Billions of dollars in foreign aid are disbursed by donor governments annually, funneled through intermediary organizations and ultimately
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MFS: Transforming Healthcare In Emerging Markets

Mobile health (mHealth) deployments have grown dramatically in recent years, particularly in emerging markets, where base-of-the pyramid populations
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