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Bike Sharing & The Ecosystem Effect: China Versus The US

Last November, The Guardian made waves with photographs chronicling the “death” of an industry. Hanging above the pictures,
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To P2P, Or Not To P2P? Is That The Question?

Once upon a time, person-to-person (P2P) payments were, to all intents and purposes, mobile payments. Before there was
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Sesame Credit: Back Door To A Dystopian Future?

Although it has been around for a few years, in the past few months Alibaba's Sesame Credit has
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Crowdfunding: MSMEs' Golden Ticket?

Those invested in the plight of Micro, Small and Middle Enterprises (MSMEs), especially ones settled in emerging markets,
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Is Your Country Ready To Go Cashless?

As Mondato Insight has often discussed in a variety of contexts, there are two fundamental requirements for any
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Does Demonetisation Work?

While the Indian government's dramatic and surprise demonetisation campaign garnered most of the headlines, India is not the
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ICOs: A Shortcut To Boom Or Bust?

It was probably only a matter of time before the world of altcoins and cryptocurrencies produced its own
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How Do You Say "Mobile Payments' World Leader" in Chinese?

Much like Frank Sinatra, China has a well-deserved reputation for doing things its own way. So much so,
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What does the Alibaba IPO mean for MFS in China?

Even for those who normally pay little attention to the world of e-commerce or m-payments, it would have
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