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The Gig Economy’s Next Frontier: Africa

As people across the globe embrace working from home and leave formal employment in favor of gig-based work,
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Is Gig Work Financially Sustainable?

The lack of stable income from single, easily verifiable sources makes it difficult for gig workers to access
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Will Vaccine Passports Exclude or Enable?

A vaccination clinic in the working class neighborhood of Neve Sha’anan in south Tel Aviv is not
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Can Personality Predict Loan Performance?

Know Your Customer — often abbreviated as KYC — is such an important part of success in digital finance that
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Have the Stars Finally Aligned for Middle Eastern Fintech?

The story of digital technology adoption over the last year in simplest terms is essentially the same everywhere:
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eSIM: Fresh Paint For Mobile, Payments And Identity

If Apple has anything to say about it, embedded SIM cards, or eSIMs, may be poised to replace
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Are Elections A Digital Litmus Test?

All governmental elections are a matrix: part theater, part palace intrigue, part instrument for change. Elections still serve
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Sesame Credit: Back Door To A Dystopian Future?

Although it has been around for a few years, in the past few months Alibaba's Sesame Credit has
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Distributed Ledgers: An Unlikely Ally Of Development?

Although blockchain's existence dates back to 2009, only in the last two years has the technical concept underpinning
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Stacking The Deck In India's Favor

Over the past several years, Mondato Insight has repeatedly turned its attention to Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC)
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What To Do When A Credit Agency Equifax Up?

If you led a major American company in an industry that believed itself to be largely immune from
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