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Has Ethiopia's Digital Finance Moment Finally Come?

May has marked some exciting milestones for Ethiopia and its digital ecosystem, which has piqued the interest of
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MVNOs: Where Telcos And Digital Finance Converge?

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have been around for almost three decades. Initially conceived as a way for
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eSIM: Fresh Paint For Mobile, Payments And Identity

If Apple has anything to say about it, embedded SIM cards, or eSIMs, may be poised to replace
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Payments Banks: Nigeria Takes A Page From India

Since it was rebased in 2014, Nigeria’s economy overtook South Africa’s as the largest in Africa.
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Credit Bureaus: Resting On Their Laurels?

With the advent of alternative data, many lenders in emerging markets have side-stepped the barren vaults of Credit
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Payments Banks To UltraFICO: Targeting No Man's Land

Despite disruptive business models building momentum towards increased digitization in financial services, it is likely just a matter
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Impact Investing: From Microfinance To Fintech

Impact investing, or an investment strategy that weighs both financial and social returns at least somewhat equally, has
Author image Mondato

Mobile Credit: The Airtime, Mobile Money Dichotomy

The delivery of mobile credit (at least when transported on the rails of mobile network operators) has been
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Do Bank-Led Models Stall Progress?

Although the dichotomy of bank-led and mobile network operator-led (henceforth referred to as MNO-led) mobile money regulatory approaches
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Zimbabwe's Cash Crunch: Boom Time for MNOs

When historians assess the legacy of Zimbabwe's recently ousted president, Robert Mugabe, they will have plenty
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When Telcos and FSPs Intersect

These days, and with very few exceptions, if you aren’t doing mobile then you aren’t doing
Author image Mondato

M&A Mayhem: Telling Up From Down

Even though Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are a fact of life in any competitive or mature
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The Data Debacle: Insights Falling Through The Cracks?

Even as DFC products - like mobile money - become a more important commercial component of the margins
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The Winners And Losers in Mobile Money

When the GSMA released the 2016 mobile money 'State of the Industry Report' at Mobile World
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Can an MNO Build Its Own Ecosystem?

It rarely makes headlines when mobile money is under discussion, but Zimbabwe has one of the most developed
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Don't Worry; Be 'API

Formerly only a subject for computer geeks and digital media workers, ‘application programming interfaces’, or APIs, have lately
Author image Mondato

The Secret Sauce for Success in MFS?

A great deal has been written about what factors are important in generating scale in a mobile money
Author image Mondato

Telcos and the Connected Consumer

When two of Europe’s largest telcos, Orange and T-Mobile, combined their services in the UK, they decided
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Mondato Summit Africa: Day 2 Round-up

See here [http://mondato.com/blog/mondato-summit-africa/] for the full Storify of both days of the Mondato Summit
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What Is The Role of Mobile Money In The OTT Debate?

With an influx of OTT providers pinching mobile operators’ revenues, how can telcos leverage mobile money to stay
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