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S-Commerce: Shopping End-to-end With Family & Friends

Social media’s journey towards monetization, laborious though it has been, appears to be striking pay dirt at
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Crowdfunding 2.0: The Membership Model?

Artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and other creatives struggle every day to be equitably compensated for their labor. Quite
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The Battle for Southeast Asia

While the Asia-Pacific region is the world's largest e-commerce market, China still monopolizes digital retail and accounts for
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Mobile Money And The Curse Of Dormant Accounts

It is a curse that has rattled formal financial service providers both big and small, from players with
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Is Digital A Conduit For Hate Groups?

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, renewed scrutiny has fallen upon hate groups, their digital hives and their access
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The Socialization of Payments

Some two years ago, Mondato Insight considered the question of whether two of the world's most popular messaging
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Fintech's Leftward Turn?

Millennials are more connected to each other than any member of Generation X could have thought imaginable just
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WhatsApp Versus Viber: The Payments Battle of the Future?

When earlier this year Facebook purchased the messaging service app WhatsApp for USD $19 billion, some questioned the
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Southeast Asia: A Region of Extremes And Opportunities

Urbanization, digitization and globalization are the three forces whose convergence will shape the 21st-century economy. Consequently, Southeast Asia
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Paym: Why UK customers are unlikely to be "Venmo-ing" any time soon

Unlike in the United States, where despite considerable consolidation over the past 25 years there still remain over
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Can Social Media Spur Mobile Payments Adoption?

In the emergent tech-infused financial services ecosystem, social networking tools play an increasingly important role both in marketing
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Facebook Makes M-Commerce Splash

The past month has seen a flurry of m-commerce developments from Facebook, as the social networking trailblazer aims
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